AM-EVL - ammonia tank semitrailers (ammonia trucks)

Volume, m³
4 pcs
Number of surge plates
1.6 MPa
Operating pressure
Technische Daten
  • Volume: 35m³
  • Number of surge plates: 4 pcs
  • Operating pressure: 1.6 MPa
  • Test pressure: 2.6 MPa
  • Three-axle undercarriage unit on BPW AC HD or SAF Integral CD pneumatic suspension
  • Axles: 3 x 9000 kg carrying capacity
  • Front lift axle
  • Disk-type brake mechanisms
Loading and unloading system
  • Liquid phase bottom pneumatic valve DN80, Rego/Fisher/Cavagna
  • Gas phase bottom pneumatic valve DN50, Rego/Fisher/Cavagna
  • Loading back-flow valve DN50
  • Liquid phase locking stainless ball valve DN50, Genebre/Festo/Habonim (1 pc)
  • Gas phase locking stainless ball valve DN32, Genebre/Festo/Habonim (1 pc)
  • Liquid phase locking stainless ball valve DN32, Genebre/Festo/Habonim (1 pc)
  • Location: in toolbox at tank’s rear
  • Float level gauge, magnetic (version for anhydrous ammonia)
  • Container pressure gauge (located in toolbox)
  • Container thermometer
  • Bottom valves’ pneumatic drive
  • Bottom valves’ control unit
Complete set
  • 6m drain hose holder (2 pcs)
  • 6m liquid phase hose (1 pc)
  • 6m gas phase hose (1 pc)
  • Space for 2 spare wheels
  • Separate plastic fenders (6 pcs)
  • Plastic anti-roll stop (2 pcs)
  • Grounding loop (coil with cable 15m, 2 grounding points on container casing, electrostatic shield (1 pc.)
  • Rear protection device with wheel splash guard
  • Wheel splash guards for rear fenders (2 pcs)
  • Wash-hand-stand (1 pc)
  • Pump unit
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Eigenschaften AM-EVL - ammonia tank semitrailers (ammonia trucks)
  • Ammonia trucks at producer price
    Due to the active development of agribusiness in Ukraine, the company "Everlast" decided to expand its product range. Thus, in 2014, the production has produced the first ammonia truck, an agricultural semitrailer-tanker for anhydrous ammonia transportation, which was presented at the exhibition "Agro-2014". The participants of the event noted the high quality of the product, and one of them, the well-known Ukrainian holding Ostchem Holding AG, immediately decided to buy an ammonia truck, in particular the mainline modification with a capacity of 35 m³. Since then the production technologies have been intensively improved and nowadays our enterprise offers much more modern tank-cars for ammonia transportation, semitrailers of AM-EVL model. This is a reliable design, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, as well as the unified state certification system UkrSEPRO.
  • Competitive factory price, 2 years of official guarantee quality, service and maintenance - all this is available to customers who have decided to buy the product Everlast. In addition, the business of our customers very soon begin to go on the road, because the ammonia truck that we sell - it is the ability to safely and quickly transport large amounts of hazardous substances over long distances, both within the country and abroad.
  • Our capabilities
    The year 2020 turned out to be a rich year for the company in terms of shipments. First of all, the ammonia tanker is popular, which was produced in large batches for domestic agricultural holdings: Oblagrohim and Ukrlandfarming. There is more to come. So at the beginning of fall another large shipment of products is expected, again for Ukrlandfarming.
  • What do customers like so much about the Everlast ammonia tanker? The point is that the tanker for transporting liquid ammonia is highly reliable, has a suspension for off-road riding or poor road surface, and its capacity of 35 m³ allows transporting large volumes of raw materials.
  • Specifications and equipment of Everlast ammonia trucks
    Our ammonia truck is a technically sophisticated product that easily competes with foreign analogues:
  • Tank - Low-alloy structural steel 09G2S is used to manufacture the tank jacket. Steel P 460 NL2 is used for the bottom; working pressure - 16 bar, test - 23 bar.
    Axle system - complete with BPW or SAF axles (3x9t), pneumatic suspension, disk brakes and steel sub-frame; brake system - Wabco, 4S/2M, ABS/EBS/RSS.
    Drainage system - draining is carried out on 2 sides with pneumatic bottom valves (DN 80 and DN 50); filling is carried out with a liquid phase check valve made of several shutoff ball valves (DN 50 and DN 32).
    Safety system - realized by means of 2" safety type valves, 1 fire extinguisher and a reflective circuit.
    Wheels - 6 pcs of 385/65 R22,5 tires; spare tire available.
    Ammonia truck Everlast is equipped with a technological box, liquid and gas hoses, magnetic level meter Rochester Magnetel, thermometer, manometer, pneumatic actuator of bottom valves. The unloading process is carried out by a Corken Z2000 pump equipped with an MR 80 hydraulic drive (optional). Additional options are also represented by the tire pressure regulation system, the reversing sensor and Telematica. Chassis - exclusively leading brands: Scania, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, MAZ, etc.
  • Robust Design;
  • Off-Road suspension BPW/SAF/EVL;
  •  The volume of 35 m3;
  • Transport version;
  •  Version with a pump;
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