Our services

"Everlast" LLC rebuilds the semitrailers of any complexity , brand or manufacturer.

Taking into account the long-term experience in the design, development and manufacture of trailers, our specialists are ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution for the repair and restoration of your vehicle:

The tank support restoring

Restoring the cradle support 

The axle beam replacement

Replacement of the beam axle 

The semitrailer trolley replacing

Replacing the trolley of a semitrailer

Replacing the trolley of a semitrailer 

1973 stainless steel tank overhaul

Overhaul of stainless steel 

Petrol semitrailer repainting

Repainting a gas tank truck


LPG tank truck repainting

Repainting a gas carrier 

The support box repair

Repair of the support box 

Saddle table repair

Repair saddle plate 

The warranty up to 6 months is provided on all the repair and rebuild trailed equipment, the warranty duration depends on the complexity of work and the condition of the vehicle.

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