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V=35 m3 V=35 m3 V=35 m3

V=35 m3

V=35 m3

V=35 m3

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AM-EVL – аmmonium tank semitrailers

- Reliable design;

- Off-Road suspension BPW / SAF / EVL;

- Volume of 35 m3;

- Transport version;

- Pump Version.

Technical characteristics and equipment

Capacity Volume: 35 m3
Head Material 09Г2С
Food Material - steel P460 NL2
Working pressure - 1,6 MPa
Testing pressure - 2,3 MPa
Chassis Axles: BPW / SAF / EVL, 3 x 9 tonnes., Air suspension, disc brake
Frame: steel subframe
Brake system: WABCO, 4S / 2M, ABS / EBS / RSS
Loading and unloading system Unloading on two sides:
Foot pneumatic valve of liquid phase, DN80
Foot pneumatic LPG valve, DN50
Back check valve for liquid phase
1 x ball valve liquid phase DN50
2 x ball valve LPG phase DN32
2 x ball valve liquid phase DN32
Location - in the technological box at the rear of the tank
Safety 2 x Safety valve 2 "
1x fire extinguisher in a plastic box
Reflective contour marking
Wheels 6 x 385/65 22.5 + 1 spare wheel
Equipment Technological box
l2 x liquid phase hose 6m
2 x  LPG  phase hose 6m
level gauge, magnetic type Rochester Magnetel
Pressure gauge in the tank
Air valve unit with internal valves
Options Unloading:
Pump Corken Z2000, with hydraulic drive MR80

Semitrailer tank:
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Reverse sensor

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