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How the tanker is born

 1. Before the first part of the vehicle is manufactured, before the fitter works of the trailer starts, the professional team of constructors create the design. They carefully draw every detail, every mounting assembly, they take into account the material properties, loads, operating conditions, technical requirements of the customer and the necessarily appearance.

Creating a cistern 

2. Assembly starts when a four-roller bending machine forms a sheet of metal into a cylinder. One cylinder is manufactured from each sheet, according to the documentation - a shell.

Forming a cylinder 

3. After the manufacture of several shells, they are welded together and form a cylinder of the tank.

Tank cylinder 

4. The next step in a tank creating is the welding of the heads and fasteners to the vessel.

Weld the bottom

General view of the tank 

5. The next stage is the attached equipment welding to the tank.


6. The heater is installed on the thermobody tanks.

Thermal insulation 

7. After welding, the tanker is sent to a shot blasting booth for cleaning from the mill scale and preparation to the necessary roughness before painting.

Preparation for painting works 

8. After the completion of the preparatory work, the tanks go to the preparation or painting booth, where, in accordance with the painting technology, the necessary work is done. Everlast has built a new high-quality painting-drying booth due to all European rules.

Tank painting 

9. The final stage is assembly, all attachments and equipment are assembled.

Final setup 

10. Before the delivery, the item undergoes a list of adjustments and tests of all installed equipment and the vehicle as a whole.

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