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The development history

  • 2002

    October 17, 2002. - "Everlast" foundation - manufacturer of trailers for different purposes. The factory is formed on the basis of a trucking enterprise repair shops.

    Everlast foundation
  • 2003

    Release of the first petrol semitrailer in the company's history (February 2003). The first customer was the BRSM company.

    The first petrol tanks Everlast
  • 2003

    AZK Expo 2003 – the first expo show of the Everlast petrol semitrailer.

    Exhibition AZK
  • 2004

    The petrol semitrailer was shipped to WOG - the largest network of national petrol stations.

    Petrol truck for WOG
  • 2005

    "Everlast" introduces the innovative design for Ukraine– a tank semitrailer of a two-volume form. The use of this design allowed to lower the center of gravity of the "Everlast" tank vehicles, thereby, increasing the safety of dangerous liquids transportation.

    Tank semitrailer of a two-volume form
  • 2006

    In 2006 we and the “Galnaftogaz” concern (TM OKKO) signed the contract of petrol semitrailers supply. More than 100 petrol semitrailers for OKKO petrol station network had been shipped for the period 2006 - 2008.

    Contract with Galnaftogaz
  • 2006

    In 2006, Everlast enlarges its product range and produces the bitumen tank.

    Produces the bitumen tank
  • 2007

    The first liquid food tank was produced and, after the successful expo, was sold to the company "Allseeds" (today it is the agro-industrial company "KERNEL").

    The first food tank
  • 2008

    At the international salon of trucks and commercial vehicles TIR 2008, Everlast presented several types of semitrailers: petrol semitrailer, liquid food tank and dump truck.

    Participation in the exhibition TIR 2008
  • 2008

    The design department introduces another innovation. They replace tank trucks flat head on tropospheric ones. It increased the construction rigidity and the safety of dangerous goods transportation in accordance with the ADR requirements.

    Torosferic bottoms for road tankers 1 Torosferic bottoms for road tankers 2
  • 2009

    Everlast made the market research and takes out of production the loose building materials and grains semi-trailers and trailers.

    Assortment optimization
  • 2010

    First petrol semitrailers for Ukrpaletsystem (TM UPG) were shipped. In total, more than 70 petrol semitrailers and LPG tanks were shipped in 2010 – 2015.

    The first gas tankers for the company Ukrpaletsystem 1 The first gas tankers for the company Ukrpaletsystem 2 The first gas tankers for the company Ukrpaletsystem 3
  • 2010

    AZK Expo 2010 – the expo show of the Everlast 403 petrol semitrailer.

    Participation in the exhibition AZK
  • 2011

    "Everlast" and the German manufacturer "Kurt Willig GmbH & Co.KG" launch the co-project of aluminum tank semitrailers production. This project was developed with German colleagues and set a goal to create an innovative vehicle capable of meeting the highest demands of corporate clients.

    Joint project with Kurt Willig
  • 2012

    Everlast is the first company in Ukraine that produces the LPG semitrailers.

    Production of LPG tank semitrailers
  • 2012

    "Everlast” international introduction, the company signs a contract with the athorized distributor «Autobau" (Russia).

    Entering the international market
  • 2013

    Everlast exports 40% of products. The co-project of ATL installation was launched with “Avtobau” in Russia the same year.

    Joint project with Autobau
  • 2013

    "Everlast" takes part in the "KOMTRANS" EXPO in Moscow.

    Participation in the exhibition COMTRANS
  • 2014

    The brisk growth of the agricultural sector in Ukraine pushes “Everlast” to enlarge the range of products in the segment. The first agricultural NH3 trailers were shipped from the factory. After the Agro-Expo 2014 they were successfully purchased by the well-known Ukrainian Holding OSTCHEM.

    First agricultural trailers
  • 2014

    "Everlast" develops and brings out the road NH3 semitrailer with volume 35m3.

    Trunk ammonia carrier
  • 2015

    With the outbreak of hostilities in the east of the country, Everlast was not indifferent to the nationwide problem and set up the production of military tankers. As a result, the National Guard of Ukraine received refuelers with the system of high-speed military equipment refueling.

    Military tankers
  • 2015

    The LPG jump in demand in the Ukrainian market makes the company change the product line. LPG semitrailers grow their share in the total production line. "Everlast" customers are the largest LPG market operators in Ukraine.

    LPG on truck chassis 1 LPG on truck chassis 2
  • 2016

    "Everlast" rebranding.

    Rebranding company
  • 2016

    Everlast offers the new lightweight aluminum tanks that meet the requirements of the State Agency of Highways of Ukraine(Ukravtodor).

    Updating the assortment of the company
  • 2017

    Release of the 100th LPG tank. 3 years and 100 LPG tanks done.

    For three years 100 gas carriers
  • 2019

    2019 can be safely called the year of bitumen trucks. This year, Everlast produced more than 50 new tank semi-trailers designed for transportation and storage of bitumen. In addition, 2019 was the most successful year in the company's history.

    Bitumen trucks

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